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Coworking Space

Our community tables on the patio our yours for the taking. Need to jam all day, no problem. Climate control is a matter of cranking on the fans and dropping the blinds. Those blinds can be a bit tricky. If you have trouble with anything there don’t hesitate to recruit help.

Call Space

You can book our Call Space with this link.

Don’t want to be disturbed during an important meeting or creative solice? Simply pop the “Do not disturb” sign on the door so we all leave you alone in there.

Prints or Scans

We have a printer in the Call Space. I do appologize if this makes access a challenge. Maybe you can sneak in and act invsibile if someone is already busy with their call.

Here’s are the steps per a former guests write up. Thanks Erin!

Printer 1. Plug the printer into the walk and turn on 2. Connect your computure via the USB 3. Necessary software automatically pops up to install, which takes about 5 minutes 4. Open document and print on the default option

Scanner 1. Place document on screen 2. Open System Preferences 3. Select Printer and Scanner 4. Select Scan 5. Make sure the resolution is at 150

If this scanner is giving you trouble or you just want to try a more mobile version, then I strongly suggest giving Scannable a shot.

Coworking in Canggu

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