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Your Room

Your Room

First off, if you ever have an issue with the condition of this space let me know so we can get it sorted ASAP. ASAP can be crazy for or island time, so the sooner you let me know the better.

Cleening Schedule

You room will be refreshed at least every three days. If you would like a more frequent cleanings then just let the staff no.

Cleaning your room will include new sheets and a bed made tighter than you’ll ever manage to achive on your own.

If you are lucky, the team will folder you towel into a fancy form. They may also top up your soap and arrange your items on the sink counter more nicely then you.

Safety Box

All valuables must be stored here. We don’t want any of your things to go missing, so please lock them up. Most boxes have instructions laying around, but if not just grab one of our staff or myself to walk you through the procedure.

The A/C

Be a friend to the planet and either turn this puppy up or off when you leave your room. We are extremely thankful to have A/C here and we want it to last a long time, so use it sparingly.

The Toilet

Yep, we are going to talk about #2.

Don’t flush anything besides your biproducts. That’s what the bum gun is for.

Don’t believe me? Consult YouTube.

Bali thanks you!