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Checking into Your Room

Our check-in process

By now you should have recieve a couple emails from Outsite in regard to your booking.

Do take note of the important details mentioned in that brief. The information will help ensure your trip to the house from the airport or another part of the island is a smooth ride.

We don’t want you rocking up flustered already.

Important info to note down * Your room name * The number for security +62 821 4745 3614 * The house managers’ number +1 901 634 8275 * The house rules listed below * Joining our Facebook group

Once you arrive at Outsite

Either Robert, the house manager, or a member of the Outsite staff will greet you with a cold wash cloth and cold coconut.

A SIM card and/or Scooter can be sourced for you upon request.

Who ever greets you should show you how the lock box works and explain the room cleaning schedule. In case they don’t, just call Rob WA +1 901 634 8275.

Please put all valuables in the lock box. Outsite cannot be held responsible for anything that goes missing.

After you unpack those bags

Connect to the WiFi, pop in the SIM or do any number of other things that require data.

Our Network name is “Outsite” and the password is “livedifferently”.

In our lobby you will find a massive chalk board. If your name isn’t already there, then add it to the list and let us know where you are from and what you would like to accomplish during your stay.

There may be other useful information scribbled on there, but you never know with the chalk boards.

If you need to get around town immediately, then hopefully you let us know to begin sourcing a scooter for you. Otherwise, you may have to wait a day. Finding a good scooter helmet combo isn’t impossible you just need some advanced notice.

Not used to riding a motorbike?

We can arrange for you to get scooter lessons to give you more confidence when riding around town. It isn’t as bad as it might seem, I promise.

In preparation for the day ahead

If you want breakfast you will want to submit your breakfast order before 7pm. If you arrive after 7pm and a staff member is around you can try slip your order into the system through that back door. Otherwise, get Robert or another guest to point out the good local cafes.

There are SO many!

With all that out of your way it’s time to plan out your adventures.