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Transportation from the Airport

Transportation to the Villa

Getting from to airport, in Denpasar, to our villa in Canggu isn’t as easy as hailing an Uber. In fact hailing an Uber is the last thing you want to do. Unfortunately, Uber is not cook with the locals here!

But don’t worry, we have it all worked out 😅

In the case of a transfer from the airport send your name, flight number, and arrival time to and so we can arrange to have a driver pick you up.

They’ll be waving a big Outsite sign with you name on it just outside baggage claim.

Before you exit through the gift shop, be sure to pick up a hand full of Ruhpiah (~1 M) so you have a way to pay for food and other things you might want from the convenience store next door. Oh, and the ride itself. That shouldn’t cost you more than $250k.