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First off, the Outsite staff are all rockstarts. They carry out a number of tasks every day to ensure you are happy and that these grounds are well kept.

You room will be refreshed at least once a week. If you would like a more frequent cleaning, no problem. Hang the sign on your door and they’ll clean it right away.

Living in Bali means we have mossies to deal with. Put Fumigation Tuesday on your calendar so you know to be offsite from 2pm to 5pm. You don’t want to be stuck hanging out with cloud of chemicals or deal with the noise from Kadeck’s weed wacker during a meeting.

One of my favorite things about this island is its rythme. You are going to find it in many other places around the planet.

Here, the sun rises and sets at nearly the same time everyday of the year.

Expect to see to sun rise into the sky around 6:30 am and set over the horizon at about the same time in the evening. This rythme can make for a super productive circadian clock!