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Yoga in Canggu


Canggu might not be able to offer the same level of spiritual awakening as Ubud, but it isn’t without it fair share of yoga studios.

For a more spiritual practice you can check out [Samadi]() A good time to check them out might actually be Sunday morning before their market. The Outsite crew often visit Samadi to grab a solid cup of coffee patiently brewed by a master.

If you are looking for more variey, then we I could suggest a couple different studios: The Practice and The Canggu Studio. The Practice specializes in all things yoga while the Studio offers other forms of practice such as pilates and weight lifting.

To more havens for the yoga curious are Serenity and Udara. Serentiy has a strong lean toward caring for the environment. I believe they actually coordinate a beach clean up on Tuesday morning that I hope to participate in very soon. Udara is a lush resort with amazing space just outside of Canggu. Both of these places host acro yoga jams and Udara has a special all you can each buffet on Sunday.

You could literally spend all your days in these studios. There is that much going on in the yoga scene.